Change is Constant.
We all know information technology deployments are complex and chaotic. In the real world, the IT environment changes unpredictably, and staff is pressured for time, experience, and resources. Threats are, in most cases, unpredictable and unknowable.

In the real world, you cannot effectively address network security with static defenses. And you can't just address network security at a single point-in-time.

Be agile.
Agile Security - See, Learn, Adapt, ActSourcefire takes a new approach to network security—one that quickly and effectively protects your environment against dynamic attacks, any time, all the time, and in real-time.

This approach, Agile Security®, is a continuous process with four essential elements, See Learn Adapt Act®:

  1. SEE everything in your environment
  2. LEARN by applying security intelligence to data
  3. ADAPT defenses automatically
  4. ACT in real-time

To be agile, you must go through this full four-step loop continuously and at lightning speed. To be agile, you must close the gap between the time a change occurs in the real world and when you take action.

Sourcefire is uniquely capable of delivering the products and services needed to realize Agile Security. Providing protection in over 180 countries, we have pioneered and perfected the concepts and technologies essential to this vision.
Learn more and get the white paper. Read the 12 core principles of Agile Security - The Agile Security Manifesto.