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If you are concerned about identifying the cyber attacks on your network that matter and filtering out the false positives, listen to an interview with Matthew Keogler of AutoTrader.com. He's found an innovative and effective technique of focusing his efforts on the most important attacks.

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Jon Postiglione of Sisters of Charity Providence Hospitals tells how his company dealt with the SQL worm and provides solid proof of the value of intrusion prevention and detection systems in identifying the source of attacks on their systems. The system they chose protected their network and facilitated HIPAA Compliance.

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An interview with Greg Clayton and Michael Morgan of BankersBank Card Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of TIB (The Independent BankersBank), on using Snort® and Sourcefire. Greg and Michael were responsible for implementing a security solution in compliance with the VISA/MasterCard Processing Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS; previously called VISA CISP).

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An interview with a CISO from a State Agency on the benefits of implementing the Sourcefire 3D® System.

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Retail Decisions, a fuel card operator and leader in card fraud prevention and payment processing, wanted to be proactive in further securing its customer-interfacing systems. Its security team began looking for an intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS) that would be highly tunable to monitor its diverse traffic created by many custom applications.

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FXall is the leading provider of automated trading and workflow solutions for foreign exchange and treasury products. Facing a large infrastructure expansion, FXall needed to upgrade to an IDS solution with advanced reporting capabilities. The Sourcefire 3D® System met FXall’s reporting requirements and offered a tool that helped to validate IDS alerts and increase the level of confidence that an attack is being properly identified.

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XanGo, LLC is a recognized category creator as the first company to market a premium mangosteen beverage, XanGo® Juice, to consumers worldwide. To come up from scratch on PCI compliance, XanGo needed a reporting tool that would show auditors a consistent history of logs. In addition, the new senior network engineer knew he wanted IPS capabilities for a planned expansion. The solution he found met those requirements and other features, like RNA's passive scanning, allowed him to get a solid baseline on network segment activity.

TransUnion, one of the three credit reporting companies, is a global leader in financial information management. Learn how they addressed the need to streamline sensor management and also to delve deeply into IDS alerts. The Sourcefire solution helped TransUnion respond only to genuine alerts and saved a great deal of time in many ways, while Sourcefire's excellent technical support provided another perk.

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A need for increased visibility into its diverse network prompted GraceKennedy's security team to seek an intrusion detection system (IDS). They found a solution that met all their needs and offered great technical support, as well as components that could establish a network activity baseline and a top vulnerability scanner for the same price as other solutions they tried. GraceKennedy is one of the Caribbean's largest and most dynamic corporate entities.

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An inability to see deep inside its network to determine security weaknesses and other potential concerns prompted Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) to seek an intrusion detection system. The Snort® rules community helped to put Sourcefire at the top of the pile, but it was the Sourcefire RNA® (Real-time Network Awareness) option, which provides even greater insight and reduces false positives, that closed the deal.

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Gartner Research VP John Pescatore and Sourcefire Founder and CTO Martin Roesch
In this 37-minute presentation, learn what Security 3.0 is, how it can benefit your organization, and what it takes to get there. You will also learn how to leverage Sourcefire Enterprise Threat Management (ETM) technologies to protect your organization before, during, and after an attack.
Security 3.0 is about getting out of a reactive mode and into a proactive mode by building security everywhere it can be. Security 3.0 allows you to see the likelihood of new threats and determine the solutions that you will need.

By watching this Webcast, you will:

  • Discover how to prepare for all phases of the threat continuum
  • Learn in detail what ETM is
  • Find out how to build up security before, during, and after an attack
  • Learn how to increase your traffic but not your threat risk
  • Discover the role of network and user intelligence
  • Hear about the role of Vulnerability Assessment (VA) in ETM

Gartner Research VP Neil MacDonald and Sourcefire Founder and CTO Martin Roesch
Archived webcast covering the following topics:

  • Characteristics of adaptive security, and the influences driving it
  • Security processes most critical to application security
  • Sources of intelligence
  • The benefits of adaptive security
  • How virtualization affects demand for adaptive security and the challenges that come with it
  • Enterprise threat management
  • Areas to reduce costs and key recommendations

Martin Roesch, CTO and Founder, Sourcefire; Throop Wilder, Co-Founder and VP of Corporate Strategy, Crossbeam Systems

Martin Roesch and Throop Wilder jointly presented a Light Reading webinar entitled "Is the Achilles Heel of the Core Network Your Employees?" Light Reading is the leading source for technology and financial analysis for the communications industry.

Full Archived Content
In 2009, Sourcefire hosted its first-ever virtual conference. Featuring many interactive sessions and demos of the latest Sourcefire releases from Sourcefire personnel, including presentations and live chat sessions with Martin Roesch, Sourcefire Founder, CTO, and author of Snort®, and the Sourcefire VRT(Vulnerability Research Team).

Eugene Schultz, CTO of Emagined Security, and Steve Piper, Sr. Director of Products, Sourcefire
By incorporating real-time network and user intelligence, an IPS can adapt to dynamically changing networks and threats. It can automate many of the cumbersome tasks that consume human effort, including IPS tuning, impact assessment and remediation helping to improve security, reduce risk, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Vikram Phatak, CTO, NSS Labs, and Matt Watchinski, Sr. Director, Sourcefire VRT
Archived webcast jointly presented by Vikram Phatak and Matt Watchinski. Vikram discussed the benefits of vulnerability-based protection over an exploit-based approach and covered highlights of NSS Labs' December 2009 Network IPS Group Test. Matt provided a brief overview of Sourcefire and best practices for IPS tuning, including an overview of Sourcefire's automated IPS tuning capability.

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