Faced with an ever-growing list of laws and regulations, you have your hands full when it comes to ensuring compliance. From risk management to personal data privacy and protection to national defense initiatives—achieving compliance with all manner of regulations is a complex and costly issue for nearly every organization.

The pressures and responsibilities of government are far ranging: From maintaining international interests and relations to homeland security, from providing public transportation and associated infrastructure to the exploration of space, and from interpreting and enforcing the law of the land to ensuring the general welfare of all citizens. Learn how government and public sector IT professionals use Sourcefire solutions to ensure accessibility of services while maintaining security and privacy.

In the face of heightened regulations, stiffer competition, and legacy computing environments, Sourcefire is a key partner for financial services institutions striving to meet these challenges. Learn how financial organizations are using Sourcefire solutions to maintain differentiation by ensuring customer confidence and data protection.

Managing electronic Patient Healthcare Information (ePHI) is a balancing act between providing greater information accessibility to facilitate patient care and increasing operational efficiency, while maintaining the privacy and integrity of sensitive data. Find out how Sourcefire solutions supports patient care and operational efficiency.

Bastions of openness for the pursuit of ideas, colleges and universities struggle between offering broad access to information and resources while protecting sensitive data and network integrity. Read how Sourcefire solutions enables higher education IT professionals to manage highly diverse computing environments while maintaining security.

Continuity of operations is a government mandate in the power and energy industry. Yet systems are at risk due to increasing integration between power generation, distribution control system networks, and traditional corporate computing networks. Find out how Sourcefire solutions can help IT professionals in the power and energy industry manage and monitor the security of all IT systems to provide uninterrupted service.

With the emergence of e-commerce, retailing has become more competitive than ever and a science. With increased usage and dependency upon information comes the huge responsibility to protect customers' sensitive data. Find out how retail IT professionals use Sourcefire solutions to support PCI DSS compliance and offer secure online shopping while ensuring the integrity and availability of their network-based applications.

Faced with an operating environment that has changed drastically, telecommunications providers must defend against risks that were inconceivable just a few short years ago. Ensuring ongoing integrity and availability of critical transport services and the privacy of customer information is essential. Learn why Sourcefire is being entrusted to protect some of the most challenging telecommunications networks in the world.

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