Telecommunications providers are faced with a rapidly evolving and demanding environment.

Increased partner and customer access to business infrastructure enables better subscriber self-service and reduced operational costs but exposes Operational Support Systems (OSS) to unanticipated risks. Meeting customer demand for new types of services and applications such as weather reports, news feeds, and account management create technical challenges that require additional flexibility and capabilities from network security solutions. And the ever-increasing speed, scale, and complexity of modern networks challenge traditional tools, leading to gaps in defenses.

Intelligent, automated cybersecurity solutions that help protect high-performance global networks and customer data, while reducing total cost of ownership and supporting deployment flexibility, are critical to success in this fast-paced, technology-driven industry.

Telecommunications providers are turning to Sourcefire to meet this requirement and deliver the following benefits:

  • Protection against untrusted and potentially unsecured hosts with the ability to stop attack traffic regardless of its point of origin.
  • Improved adherence to privacy and security best practices, regulatory requirements, and compliance frameworks with a powerful policy management and enforcement framework.
  • Comprehensive protection for complex telecommunications networks with an in-depth and flexible rules base.
  • Faster attack evaluation, prevention, and mitigation with automated attack response and policy management capabilities that minimize service disruptions and system damages.
  • Increased staff productivity and flexibility by focusing attention on the most critical events.
  • Comprehensive security without service interruptions with support for demanding bandwidth and latency requirements.
  • Improved bottom line for service offerings as a result of low total cost of ownership (TCO). 

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