An Ecosystem that Improves Security

No single security vendor can deliver all of the technology needed to secure an organization against today’s evolving threats. Customers need to use solutions that are extensible and can collaborate with other security components already implemented or planned in the future.  The Sourcefire Technology Partner Program’s main goal is to assemble and manage an ecosystem of complimentary technologies that help customers achieve the best possible integration of their security infrastructure with Sourcefire.  Good integration leads to better security, faster resolution of critical events, and lower total cost of ownership.

Before During and After

Value of the Ecosystem

With its Open Security Framework, the Sourcefire Technology Partner Program helps customers achieve:

  • Better security
  • Faster resolution of critical events
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Integration with Four Powerful APIs

Sourcefire makes integration with other best-of-breed technologies possible through four powerful, feature-rich Application Program Interfaces (APIs). The APIs provide a framework for multiple vendors to work with the Sourcefire solution, exchanging event data and asset information automatically or on request with other commercial and internally-developed applications and security tools. Both Sourcefire and our technology partners can use this additional data to perform better correlation and analysis—leading to better security for joint customers.

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