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Today’s advanced attackers have the resources, expertise and persistence to compromise any organization at anytime from anywhere. They pose a greater threat than a single point-in-time control or product can effectively address on its own. Sourcefire Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) gives you the visibility and control necessary to protect your organization against highly sophisticated, targeted, zero-day and persistent advanced malware threats.

As pervasive as the malware it is designed to combat, Sourcefire AMP delivers an integrated set of controls to continuously detect, confirm, track, analyze and remediate these threats – before, during and after an attack.

Combining big data analytics with a continuous approach, AMP for Networks and AMP for Endpoints bridge the gap between network and endpoint protection to provide coordinated detection, investigation and response. Sharing information, they continuously analyze file behavior for malicious indicators, detecting and correlating Indications of Compromise from multiple sources across the extended network as attacks unfold to stop threats when and where they happen.

Sourcefire AMP is available across the broadest range of attack vectors, delivering network-based protection via dedicated FirePOWER AMP appliances or as an integrated capability in FirePOWER NGIPS and NGFW appliances, as an endpoint solution for PCs, Macs, mobile devices and virtual environments, and integrated into Cisco email and web security gateways.

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