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FirePOWER network security appliances are based on a flexible enterprise security architecture to deliver industry-best threat protection and low total cost of ownership with unmatched performance, scalability and energy efficiency. Sourcefire FirePOWER network security appliances are the foundation for Sourcefire’s entire portfolio of network security solutions.

Unmatched performance

Optimized for network security processing, FirePOWER packs unmatched performance into a smaller footprint, leading the market in energy efficiency as evidenced by NSS Labs’ Network IPS Individual Product Test Results for the FirePOWER 8260 and NSS Labs NGFW Individual Product Test Results for the FirePOWER 8290. Unparalleled throughput speeds from 50Mbps up to 40Gbps for threat inspection along with <150-microsecond latency, address the widest range of enterprise requirements. FirePOWER delivers this breakthrough performance with purpose-built hardware acceleration technology and by leveraging three separate data processing stages, each custom designed for particular workloads.

Industry-best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

FirePOWER received top ranking in NSS Labs’ 2012 Security Value Map for IPS and in NSS Labs’ 2013 Security Value Map for NGFW which measures security effectiveness and TCO.

Flexible Security Architecture

FirePOWER delivers a flexible, enterprise security architecture with the capability to expand and run varied and diverse security functions, including:

8000 Series

The higher-end 8000 Series appliances marry an extensible platform with the industry’s fastest and most accurate IPS inspection to fit into your network today and in the future.

  • 7 different IPS throughputs models from 2Gbps to 40Gbps
  • Network modules in 9 configurations to support fiber and copper with integrated fail-open/bypass and non-bypass capabilities

The FirePOWER 8260 achieved breakthrough results in NSS Labs testing with real-world traffic mixes and practical IPS policies applied.

  Sourcefire 8260 Next-closest Competitor
NSS-tested, Real-world Throughput 34Gbps 11.5Gbps
Price/Mbps-Protected $15 $33
Annual Energy Cost/Mbps $0.04 $0.06
Gbps/Rack Unit 8.5Gbps 2.9Gbps

Source: NSS Labs Network IPS Individual Product Test Results, Sourcefire 3D8260 IPS Appliance, April 2012; and NSS Labs Network IPS Group Test, Q4 2010.

Access your free copy of the 2012 NSS Labs Network IPS Individual Product Test Results for the FirePOWER 8260.

The FirePOWER 8290 excelled in NSS Labs testing with real-world traffic mixes and NGFW methodology applied.

Access your free copy of the 2013 NSS Labs Next-Generation Firewall Product Analysis Report for the FirePOWER 8290.

7000 Series

The 7000 Series supports lower network performance requirements, eliminating over-buying while gaining the same standardized features and management ease as the 8000 Series appliances.

With 7 different throughput models (from 50Mbps to 1.25Gbps) and up to 12 available ports to support mixed media, the 7000 Series shares the following features with the 8000 Series:

Solid state storage Simplified command line interface
Integrated lights out management Simplified command line interface
LCD displays and control panel Programmable fail-open interfaces
SNMP monitoring Redundant power supplies