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Sourcefire offers the smartest way to buy the best network security available. Our innovative, platform approach to network security via FirePOWER™ appliances enables us to deliver consistent security effectiveness, performance and value across a broad portfolio of industry-leading, next-generation network security products.

Next-Generation IPS

The Sourcefire Next-Generation IPS sets a new standard for advanced threat protection integrating real-time contextual awareness, full-stack visibility and intelligent security automation to deliver industry-leading security effectiveness, performance and low total cost of ownership. Passive intrusion detection (IDS) mode notifies of suspicious network traffic and behavior while inline IPS mode blocks threats. The NGIPS solution can be further expanded with optional subscription licenses to add Application Control/URL Filtering and Advanced Malware Protection. Centrally manage hundreds of appliances through the Sourcefire FireSIGHT® Management Center.

Sourcefire NGIPS has been consistently recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network IPS and received top ranking in NSS Labs’ 2012 Security Value Map for IPS security effectiveness and TCO.

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Application Control/URL Filtering

Sourcefire offers the first Application Control solution you can deploy as part of a Next-Generation IPS without the need to introduce new hardware, detection or management points within your network. Gain granular control of over 1,800 applications, detected and classified by risk and business relevance.

In addition, the URL Filtering subscription is available for the NGIPS or NGFW, adding the ability to filter more than 280 million top level domains by risk level and over 82 categories.

Next-Generation Firewall

The Sourcefire NGFW includes the world’s most powerful NGIPS, granular application control and advanced firewall functionality in a flexible, high-performance security appliance, bringing together control and effective prevention. An optional Advanced Malware Protection license can also be added. The NGFW is managed by the same Sourcefire FireSIGHT® Management Center as the NGIPS appliances.

In NSS Labs’ 2012 NGFW Product Analysis Report the Sourcefire NGFW set a new standard in security effectiveness, protecting against 99 percent of all attacks and demonstrating superior performance and total cost of ownership. The Sourcefire NGFW also received top ranking in NSS Labs’ 2013 Security Value Map for NGFW security effectiveness and TCO.

Sourcefire’s advanced NGFW capabilities are now available on the Cisco ASA platform. Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services in the industries first adaptive threat-focused NGFW combining industry-leading Sourcefire threat and advanced malware protection with proven ASA firewall capabilities, protecting your business across the entire attack continuum.

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Virtual Security

The Sourcefire Virtual Appliances and Sourcefire Virtual FireSIGHT® Management Center are available for VMware platforms and provide the same control and protection as their physical counterparts. These virtual NGIPS and NGFW appliances enable you to inspect traffic between virtual machines (VMs) and combine and manage up to 25 physical and virtual appliances with a single Management Center.

SSL Appliances

Sourcefire SSL Appliances can decrypt SSL traffic at up to 4.5Gbps line rate to enable existing security appliances to effectively inspect SSL traffic and then place the SSL-encrypted traffic back on the network for its final destination. The SSL Appliances support both passive and inline network configurations with a range of interface options, which all include a programmable fail-open capability.