This leading U.S.-based electrical power utility is consistently under regular attack from advanced malware. Its existing endpoint protection product was detecting and eliminating some threats, however, the recurrence frequency and unexplained network activity indicated that it wasn’t providing a view of the full infection, nor identifying and eliminating its root cause. The company’s sophisticated response team spent a significant amount of time investigating suspicious activity. FireAMP now allows the response team to track suspicious activities back to the core threat, the specific executable, tracking unusual communications back to specific devices and system processes that are responsible. Next, FireAMP provides visibility into the source of the infection, so that measures are taken to eliminate its recurrence. This visibility into the full extent of the infection, allows the threat to be eliminated and its root cause addressed. By using FireAMP, the company is able to reduce a multi-day investigation and remediation to a matter of hours. The response team is now able to answer what used to be the difficult question of “how bad is it?”

When Howden Joinery Group Plc needed to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and wanted to be able to monitor SSL-encrypted traffic, it turned to Sourcefire.

When the Australian National University (ANU), one of Australia’s premier universities and ranked amongst the best in the world, needed to maintain an unrestricted learning environment—protecting its data without compromising usability and access—it turned to Sourcefire’s Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS, Next Gen IPS).

This leading Middle Eastern value-added distributor needed to stop advanced malware before it brought down computers and employee productivity. With Sourcefire FireAMP™, FVC significantly cuts the time to find and remediate each threat, driving up efficiency for employees and the IT team.

When Telekom Slovenije needed a security solution that could protect it from attacks and keep its company data safe, while still optimizing the performance of its staff, it turned to Sourcefire for help.

Dubrovnik Airport needed security solution that will protect company’s confidential data and provide external users with secure and controlled access to public network. Also, they needed solution that would be less demanding on the company’s IT staff in terms of time and effort. The Sourcefire Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS) satisfied their needs. 

Malaysian Assurance Alliance Berhad (MAA) needed a system to protect their online portal and networks for its customers and agents by blocking external threats and identifying internal vulnerabilities 24x7x365. MAA selected the Sourcefire Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS) and Sourcefire FireSIGHT®.

Adapting to the needs of its increasingly dynamic network, Loughborough University selects the award-winning Sourcefire Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS) with Sourcefire FireSIGHT® as the natural successor to open source Snort.

Nokia Siemens Networks faced significant challenges related to data privacy and managing sensitive information in a highly distributed environment, and it turned to Host Integrity Systems, a Sourcefire partner, for the security solution, which included the Sourcefire IPS.

A long-time user of open source Snort, when Sisters of Charity Providence Hospitals’ network security needs grew they wanted a commercial network security product to protect their network and help meet HIPAA compliance. They looked at Tipping Point, but it was too costly. They selected the Sourcefire Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS) and have been able to deal with the SQL worm, identify the source of attacks, continuously monitor and protect their systems, and satisfy HIPAA requirements.

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