Immunet by SourcefireImmunet® by Sourcefire® provides essential anti-malware protection for PC users that leverages the collective intelligence of a growing community to provide a collaborative approach to endpoint security. Immunet was built on the principle of Collective Immunity, which is shared protective resistance gained through community and collaborative intelligence to fight against computer malware infection.

Immunet antimalware solutions gather protection intelligence through the Immunet Cloud, a secure centralized malware detection network that instantly connects users to intelligent anti-malware engines. Malware detections from Immunet are always up-to-date in the cloud, and require no downloads to the user's desktop, delivering lightning-fast malware protection. Immunet products also deliver:

  • Rapid Adaptation: Today’s threats are quick-changing and very targeted. Immunet by Sourcefire sees tens of thousands of malware variants each day and 75 percent of these are seen only on a single endpoint. Immunet protects all users the instant that a virus is detected on one PC.
  • Lightweight and Compatible Performance: Immunet leverages the speed of cloud computing to deliver real-time protection and is up to 35 times lighter than traditional anti-malware solutions.
  • Data Driven Protection: Today’s more complex and more unpredictable threats require a data-driven solution that can be evaluated for true in-field efficacy and the specific value it adds. Immunet’s architecture is designed with deep product insight and data analysis that helps improve product effectiveness.

The flagship product, Immunet Antivirus, is a free antivirus product that provides antimalware protection that is light, fast, and can also be compatible with existing security products. Immunet Plus is an enhanced antivirus download that also offers offline scanning and protection, advanced threat detection, email and archived file protection, rootkit detection and removal, and deep scanning.

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