Sourcefire Education Testimonials

"Honestly, the best training I’ve been to. The course material and instructor were excellent. Without a doubt, I’ll be back for more training.”

B. Guilford, Information Security Engineer, Major Technical University

“This class answered all the questions and uncertainties I had with the product. The labs created an environment in which the students could experiment. It was an excellent course that I highly recommend.”

G. Houle, Senior Network Engineer, Finance Industry

“I enjoyed the hands-on training with the Sourcefire interface and the VMware. I was very impressed with the class network topology. The instructor was very knowledgeable and thoroughly explained the class setup to making sure that the concepts of the technology were well understood. I highly recommend this course.”

D. Williams, IT Security, Healthcare Industry

“The Sourcefire course provided me with relevant material and labs that I can use today.”

T. Rogerson, Information Security Specialist, Insurance Industry


“This is the best security course I have ever attended. I really enjoyed the extensive and practical hands-on labs with a real-world twist. I actually can go back to work and implement what I have learned.”

J. Gough, Director/CEO, Network Security

“This course is a great way to learn and get a better in-depth understanding of Snort. The knowledge I acquired will help me in my daily work environment.”

C. Moore, Security Analyst, Aerospace Industry

“I’ve been using Snort for some time and I was able to learn something from the very first day. If you’re an existing Snort user, I highly recommend this course.”

J. Hausman, Network Administrator, Wireless Industry

“The Snort course is written and instructed in a way that it allows me to use the information I learned in a real-world environment.”

R. Biggers, Network Assessor, Military