The reality is that it’s no longer a matter of if attackers get in, but when. Point-in-time security that focuses on detection and blocking is no longer enough to defend against these cunning threats. Organizations need a threat-centric approach to security with Agile Security® solutions that address the full attack continuum – Before, During and After™ an attack.

BEFORE an attack, defenders need comprehensive awareness and visibility of what’s on the extended network in order to implement policies and controls to defend it.

DURING an attack, the ability to continuously detect malware and block it is critical.

AFTER an attack, defenders need retrospective security:, the ability to marginalize the impact of an attack by identifying point of entry, determining the scope, containing the threat, eliminating the risk of re-infection and remediating it.

Sourcefire security solutions include:

Threat Prevention
Advanced Malware Protection
Firewall/Application Control
Primary Research

Sourcefire Solutions Address the Full Attack Continuum